We can teach you how to stay safe in an increasingly violent world.

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Warrior Mindset

This course is the hallmark of Exist Ready training. You can never prevail in a bad situation unless you have the right mindset. We can teach you what you need to know to be mentally prepared. Warrior Mindset is a 2 hours class. This is a two hour course. $25/per person

State Law

Have you ever been in or heard about a bad situation and wondered what you would have done to protect yourself if needed? Have you wondered what you COULD have done to protect yourself legally? When we were police we frequently met people who had been a victim of crime and did not protect themselves because they did not know they could, or were scared they would get arrested. Let us teach you what the law says you can do to protect yourself. State Law is a 2 hour course. $50/per person

Basic Handgun

We provide a handgun, ammunition, and safety equipment for this basics of pistol shooting course. Come have fun while learning how to use a handgun. If you own your own handgun you are welcome to bring it (with 200 rounds of ammunition) to learn how to use it. Basic Handgun is an 8 hour class. $150/per person

Texas License to Carry

The Texas License to Carry (LTC) course is what you need to get your LTC. This is not a learn to shoot course. You must provide your own handgun and 50 rounds of ammunition minimum (we recommend 100 rounds in case you have to re-qualify), or we can provide a handgun and ammunition for you. $75/ per person, $100 with gun/ammo provided

School Safety Certification*

School Safety Certification is a class designed by the Texas Department of Public Safety, and only available through DPS instructors specficially licensed to provide the training. School Safety Certification helps ensure the safety of students and staff in the event of an active shooter by teaching teachers how to Avoid an active shooter if possible, deny entry if it can't be avoided, and defend against it if necessary. This course also provides training on how to shoot accurately under stress. Students who complete this course will receive state accrediation for school safety certification. This is a two-day course. Contact us for more info and pricing.

Active Shooter/Daycare Lockdown Training*

We can train you in your workplace and teach you how to respond to an active shooter or other threat. You and your co-workers can then form a plan to stop the threat, and manage the crisis until Police and EMS arrive. Contact us for more info and pricing.

Home Defense Training*

We will meet you in your home and train you and your family to repsond to a burglary or home invasion as a team. Contact us for more info and pricing.

* These courses are not regularly scheduled for open enrollment. You must contact Exist Ready to schedule training for your business or home.

Any class can be scheduled as a private/corporate event. simply contact us to arrange the date and location. we can teach you at your location, or at ours. Our classes are held at:
Pecan ridge outdoor center
8930 FM 1390 Scurry, TX 75158