At Exist Ready we provide professional, enjoyable training. We will ensure you are comfortable with a pistol after a basic handgun class, and know your rights and responsibilities as an armed citizen when you receive your License to Carry. 


BASIC HANDGUN: we provide a handgun, ammunition, and safety equipment for this basics of pistol shooting course. come have fun while learning how to shoot. if you own your own handgun you are welcome to bring it to learn how to use it. you will also need to bring 200 rounds of ammunition if you bring your own pistol. BASIC HANDGUN IS AN 8 HOUR CLASS. $150

license to carry: this course is taught by a former police officer who became an expert in the application of laws related to weapons and use of force during his police career. LICENSE TO CARRY IS NOT A LEARN TO SHOOT COURSE. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THOSE WHO ARE NOT PROFICIENT SHOOTERS TAKE THE BASIC HANDGUN COURSE BEFORE LICENSE TO CARRY. LICENSE TO CARRY IS AN 8 HOUR CLASS. $75


one-on-one instruction, and private classes are available. please contact us for pricing, and to schedule private training.

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Our classes are held at Pecan Ridge Outdoor Center in Scurry, TX.
8930 FM 1390 Scurry, TX 75158